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terms Plato uses

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What role will the thesis that virtue is understanding participate in the Meno? May be the thesis paradoxical?

Within this essay we’ll discuss the concept virtue is understanding. We’ll do that by using Plato’ own route in to the discussion – a refutation of Meno’ misconception of understanding. The argument Plato provides for this finish provides for us crucial contextual information and enables us to determine how Plato derives his doctrine that virtue is understanding. We’ll consider the terms Plato uses to define virtuous and non-virtuous actions and analyse the connotations these held

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for him. I’ll then offer an exposition from the traditional formulation from the innocent ‘ paradox’ before quarrelling this paradox only exists if a person misinterprets Plato’ own text. 1. Desire to have the great Plato’ Meno concentrates on the problem of virtue – its nature and it is qualities. Throughout the dialogue several definitions of virtue are discussed. However, the meaning that appears to become settled upon entails the doctrine that virtue is understanding. This definition is suggested like a reaction to Meno’ suggestion that virtue is really a term encompassing two elements: first of all that virtue may be the desire to have good stuff and next that it’s the capability to obtain good stuff. By means of answer, Socrates shows that, actually, everybody desires the great. As virtue isn’t contained in all men, virtue can’t be the need permanently things.